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Clearly, I am on a Western TV kick. Luckily, now that I am only following 4 kdramas, I have room.

Next on my list - the 5 ep British series Parade's End. I didn't even know it existed (unlike every other fangirl in existence, while I enjoyed Benedict Cummerbatch in Sherlock, I don't follow his stuff in any fashion) and stumbled across it while looking for something else.

And then I kinda went insane. Because! This is an adaptation of a series of novels by Ford Madox Ford, whom I've read and liked (though not this series but one about Katherine Parr) and who, I believe, was a friend of Sigfried Sassoon (who I used to be a bit obsessed about). And it's set around WWI, a time period I find utterly fascinating - I will pretty much watch/read almost anything set in that time period (probably the hangover from the fact that Erik Maria Remarque's Three Comrades is my favorite novel ever - it's not set during WWI but it does follow a group of WWI veterans). And there is a love story which sounds all sorts of messed up because he's a married Tory and she is a suffragette. And and and and it was adopted by Tom Stoppard.

Basically, I need this in my life ASAP!

Also, on a random note - I don't find BC good-looking (he has a rather odd face, actually, IMO) but he looks quintessentially upper-class British to me, so it looks like perfect casting.

Have a shippy MV:


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