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This was ridiculously cheesy and ridiculously entertaining all at once. The show's understanding of human biology (as regards both to what Oliver's injuries would do to him and what arrows do to people) is almost as bad as its understanding of how the law works (every scene involving Laurel the Lawyer doing things the show believes lawyers do but which was 100% incorrect, made me roll my eyes so hard they nearly fell out of my sockets. Just ask me how wrong it all was, just ask).

Plus, I think the show is trying to go for epic angsty romance with Laurel and Oliver and I am just not feeling it. Mainly because I find Laurel utterly annoying - I am sure it's mainly transference from the fact that she is the one who is the vehicle for the show's mangling of the US legal system and raising my rage points due to it (and in small part because she's pretty much 'generic CW love interest'), but there it is.

Still, I am going to keep up with this because cheekbones with designer stubble and violent PTSD get me every time.

Also, there is an evil mother! Kdramas have conditioned me that any story the hero of which is rich and angsty will have an evil mother. I am glad this is apparently universal.


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