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I bailed after ep 12 of MSOAN but I did read recaps and liveblogs of it through to the end. Oh my, the writer must have had some really really good drugs. It's a pity because it had a lovely cast and the first half had a delicious, quirky, off-beat vibe. I really do wish they stuck with the first writer, despite her flaws.

Sadly, this means I am finally adding both the Geuns to my small list of "red flag when they star in the drama" actors (others on that list include Lee Min Ho** and Kim Rae Won*) - all the actors on that list do good work but seem to have a horrendous taste in picking dramas. MGY, first Painter of the Wind, then Cinderella Unni, now this? Three strikes, you are out. She is a versatile actress but her drama taste is not mine. Jang Geun Seok? I don't know who picks your projects, but fire him. My dislike of YAB is well-known, BV was a dead bore, and MSOAN was the messiest mess that ever lived. (Hong Gil Dong I do adore but I thought he was wooden as a plank in that one - I did not care for either his character or his acting in that one). I think he has oodles of on-screen charisma and plenty of potential but the roles he picks - oy!

* KRW is a perfect example - I adore him and most of his dramas are hits but I can't stand any of them, except for Which Star Are You From which I do love.

** Oh, Lee Min Ho. You are hot and charismatic and have lovely acting chops. How I wish you were in something decent for once, but given your track record, I am preemptively skipping City Hunter for my own sanity and blood pressure.


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