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Seeing that we are 10 months into the year, favorites are bound to shape up. So - what has been your favorite drama this year so far?

For me, the answer is easy - Chuno a.k.a. Slave Hunters.

The only drama this year that made it into my all-time Top 10, Chuno was perfect. I loved everything about it, from the story to acting to cinematography to its driving pace (this is a rare drama that feels as if it should have been longer, even at 24 eps). Even the seemingly extraneous parts (the humor interludes at the inn or slave revolt) ultimately fit into the greater whole and made the world more real. Jang Hyuk gave an unforgettable performance as the broken, dangerous, unpredictable Dae Gil, but I confess my heart belonged to Oh Ji Ho's slave-general Song Tae Ha, righteous but having to navigate his blind acceptance of the prejudices of his time.

By the end of the drama he became my biggest ever drama crush. I also adored Lee Da Hae's Un Nyun - I know she was polarizing but I loved her as someone waking up after a decade of being frozen and finally freeing herself from being dictated either by fate or men around her.

Lee Jong Hyuk was mesmerizing as a tragic villain - he was despicable yet I could not help but pity him. The secondary characters were all top notch. All the tragedies and tangled destinies and politics and true love and points about societal limits and those amazing amazing fights. It's my perfect drama. (It is also one of only two kdramas Mr Mousie has been able to enjoy watching). And yes, it did feature my favorite OTP of the year - I did not know this was what I always wanted in an OTP until Chuno gave me Tae Ha/Un Nyun.

What is yours? It doesn't have to be a kdrama.


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