SUFBB ep 9

Mar. 1st, 2012 11:14 pm
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So good! But what else is new!

Both JH and SA relieve his confession and the aftermath. When a girl smiles like this when she thinks back, I am pretty sure, you got her heart, JH! (Have you ever seen her smile like this at Seung Hoon?) I also love that once they get together, they get together - there is no high drama or misunderstandings, she doesn't freak out he has to live elsewhere, he isn't obsessive-possessive. They are just perfect together. Both are de facto orphans, but they find peace and family with each other (and while JH also has family in his friends - as he all but confesses to boss lady, SA is pretty much all alone).

Boys in their new digs. I just love seeing them all happy. Also, LOL and KJ and HJ living together. They aren't even trying to cover the boylove quotient of these two any more, are they?

Their new manager tries to impose all sorts of rules on them. Not that it goes down very well. But honestly, how else could it go? The main reason they are the way they are is because they are rebel nonconformists and they are a rock band, not idols - I assume even in Korea, their image has to be less squeaky clean.

Kyung Jong getting Do Il to smile for the camera. LOL

This was the most adorable thing ever - Ji Hyuk trying to get Soo Ah alone with stratagems which should be transparent to a two-year-old. Once again, I am struck how this relationship makes them so organically happy, how the normally reserved Soo Ah glows and how the gruff Ji Hyuk gets embarrassed a little but also more comfortable in his skin than we have seen him otherwise, outside of playing.

Drama, if you don't have these two make out against the wall by the end of the drama I will...I will...I don't know what, but something drastic. Angry puppy needs make-outs! And Yerim is so calm and unflappable, they would be perfect!

Boys get a make-over for a photoshoot. I can't say I like anyone's new hair except for Do Il's but then (a) I believe it's impossible to make that boy look less than perfect and (b) all they did was pin his hair back. As for the rest - ugh! What is this, Hunger Games? Though I suppose, I confess to liking Ha Jin's a bit too - for once, he doesn't look like a lost Weasley twin but actually *gulp* kinda attractive.

Seung Hoon, you are an utter and total loser. She doesn't like you that way, let it go! She isn't suddenly going to go for you because Ji Hyuk is not next door and if she was the type of girl who'd do so, would you really want her? SH just needs to move to Antarctica or somewhere else far far away.

I am getting quite worried that they are setting a clash between the band - boss lady clearly wants to exploit Hyun Soo's ambition and Ji Hyuk is deliberately unambitious - friendship is far more important to him than success. The different goals of the guys, when exacerbated by third parties and a hint of success can lead to some major break-up level stuff. No!!!

By this point, I honestly want to kidnap WK and brainwash her until she goes for Do Il! I mean, the guy is your friend (unlike Ji Hyuk, who doesn't seem to have any meaningful conversations with her), he loves you, and he's the most drop-dead-gorgeous man I've seen in ages. Are you mentally damaged? Plus, let's face it, even if Soo Ah wasn't around, if JH never was interested in you, it's unlikely he suddenly will (and if Soo Ah is indicative of Ji Hyuk's type, WK couldn't be more opposite of that - Soo Ah is quiet and very low-key and mellow). OTOH, Do Il's quiet steadiness would be a perfect match for WK's hyper, good-natured loudness and drama.

This sequence, when he's waiting for her, stretching to keep away the cold, and then tries to save some pride by pretending he only came to pick up something he forgot, but of course that doesn't hold for long. And then they cook dinner, and she secretly measures his shoes to know his size to buy him a new pair (and there is a brief worry about gangsters) is just - it's both so shippy and yet very every-day real. I mean, cooking and practical presents. It's as if they are married already :) And you can see how necessary she is to JH - he unwinds with her, but also it's the stability and practicality he never had another human being provide (seeing that the little we know of his family indicates he'd be better off being an orphan). And she also understands what makes him tick and what he needs to hear (but she doesn't lie, she just knows which truth that he's oblivious of she should explain to him so he'd feel better and more confident). He may be her protector, but she is is just as necessary to him.

Remember what I said about Do Il, Woo Kyung? Are you blind?

MAKE OUT, NOW!!!! I mean, you can tell that puppy likes her, he just can't show it because it would mess up with his attitude (plus, he really is not a very emotionally-open person, to put it mildly. Also, I wonder if it would be easier for him to admit his liking if she was less famous and popular).

Producer tries to mess with Byung Hee's song. Uh-huh. Not happening.

Soo Ah buying shoes for Ji Hyuk.

Hyun Soo smiles only in sleep, lol. I bet he's dreaming of Yerim :)

So gorgeous.

Ironically, after all that talk of Soo Ah being Byung Hee's muse, she is now Ji Hyuk's muse - it's not just because he loves her but because she encourages him and makes him feel confident.

Soo Ah decorating his shoes with a guitar. Say it with me "awwwww."

I loved this confrontation between JH and bosslady - because it explains so much about Ji Hyuk - his integrity, his honesty (he is emotionally open as he always is), what makes him tick (he says his friends are important to him because he has nothing else. That's horrifying), and how he's on the collision course with bosslady and possibly some of the other boys because he views their togetherness above all - not success or career.


Song is out!

Do Il hears WK is in trouble and lights out of there...

So adorable! JH shopping for SA!

But has to run because he got a call about WK.

Boys fight to protect WK.

And are all giddy afterwards from the adrenalin.

Ouch! Woo Kyung, you idiot idiot IDIOT!!!!

Oooops, the cops are there! It's not good news though, surely, even in Korea, rockers are supposed to have a bad-boy brawly image, aren't they?

Ep 10, here I come!

Date: 2012-03-02 04:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I want to shake Woo Kyung really, really hard. >:/
And Yerim! Eeeeeee! I have a huge crush on her, especially after a juicy little bit in ep 10 ;d

Date: 2012-03-03 04:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yerim is boss. She is so unflappable and awesome.

Date: 2012-03-02 06:30 am (UTC)
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I do feel kinda apprehensive for the future of the band. The different goals these kids have is already making fractures in their friendship and band dynamics. Hyun Soo is so far the only one with a clear picture of what he wants while the others are still in it for... what? None of them really knows anymore. It's begun to worry Ji Hyuk as he does know he'd have to figure it out if he wants them to stay together. He's not impressed with money or prestige or fame so why should he continue beyond the one single? I don't think he's ever considered a carreer in music before but this is probably what his next step could be. Only, what is he willing to give up/change for it, if that's what is needed?

Both Woo Kyung and Seung Hoon need their heads examined.

Date: 2012-03-03 04:16 pm (UTC)
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WK more than SH actually, because at least SH has no substitute ready and willing to date him the moment he gives up on SA.

Yes, JH wants to do it because he likes it and it's his surrogate family and he's allergic to status (I get the sense his mother remarried someone rich (because HS mentioned they grew up together and it's not a posh neighborhood HS lives in) and pretty much dumped JH for new money and wealth. So it's an interesting dilemma.

They never really were guys who dreamed of making it big (except BH) so now that they have, they are lost.

Date: 2012-03-02 02:47 pm (UTC)
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Honestly, I love Ji Hyuk, but lookswise? Do Il, hands down, wins that contest. More importantly, he's the one who cares about her whereas Ji Hyuk runs away from her whenever possible. And most importantly, girl, have some self-respect! That's the big difference between Woo Kyung and Su Ah. The latter would not put up with that sort of treatment from anyone.

As for Ji Hyuk being a virtual orphan. So his birth mother is now married to a man other than his birth father? What's unclear to me is that they've asked him to sign away his inheritance rights and his not doing so would make things more difficult for his mother. At which point, I don't understand how he has any inheritance rights if he's the mother's son and she is not the one with the money. Whatever the case, I think they're saving this potential plot twister til toward the end to use it as a kind of deus ex machina. Or at the least, dangle it as a possibility that our street urchin undergoes a Dickinsian transformation.

Date: 2012-03-03 04:19 pm (UTC)
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Do Il is gorgeous and yes, he is always there for WK in little things as well as big - WK must have blinders on the size of Jupiter (probably too obsessed with JH to notice anything).

I would like them to get into JH's family but I think they'll leave it as a background. Which is OK because that might be darker than a drama like SUFBB is willing to go because that family sounds awful. And I do think mother remarried rich and they used to be poor because he lived where HS lives, but inheritance maybe because JH got placed on the family registry before things went too awful. And they must have gone really bad, because JH is so level-headed and attached to family, that for him to leave it must have been horrifying.

Date: 2012-03-02 05:46 pm (UTC)
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I absolutely adore Ji Hyuk and Hyun Soo, but Do Il is my secret favorite. He had a really beautiful moment early on in this episode, when he and Hyun Soo and Ji Hyuk go into their room--it's clear there's a moment of apprehension about who's going to sleep where, you can almost see Hyun Soo getting ready for an alpha-male fight--and Do Il just calmly defuses it with, "You want the top or the bottom bunk, Hyun Soo?" Leaving it clear that Ji Hyuk, their leader, gets the solo bunk, but also letting Hyun Soo have his pride and his freedom to choose which bed he gets. Do Il gets people like that, and he is so so good at handling them. (Makes me wonder if he picked it up from having a gangster for a dad--he is clearly very good at dealing with aggressive people who want to have their own way.) And so it absolutely makes sense that he is not going to assert himself to indicate interest in Woo Kyung. Poor boy never claims anything for himself.

(Aaaaah I want icons!)
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Date: 2012-03-03 04:36 pm (UTC)
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You know, I didn't even pay that much attention to the bed choice moment but now that you mentioned it, I feel like I was blind or something, because it makes so much sense.

I really do think Do Il is the glue that holds the band together. Without him, the tempers and egos would probably make it all fall apart asap. And it makes sense it comes from his background - I grew up with two loving but very high-drama and high-temper parents and people always comment how laid-back I am and good at defusing situations, but that is because I picked it up as a good method from childhood - you either embrace and join this sort of volatile thing or learn how to avoid it) . Just like his calmness seems a deliberate choice to reject his family's world (because I am sure he's seen how crazy it can get if you let tempers run amok).
Edited Date: 2012-03-03 04:37 pm (UTC)

Date: 2012-03-02 06:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Su Ah and Ji Hyuk are SO ADORABLE together it like kills me. He's so goofy and bashful around her. and she gets so happy and glowing around him. its so beautiful ;_; I will really cry if anything breaks these two kids apart!
Hahaha the lady tried to do something with Do il's hair and the look he gave her was truly hilarious. he looked horrified and offended. and the boys were like WOAH! lol. such a great scene. never get between a rocker boy and his hair eh? lol. honestly if she had cut his hair i would have cried too.
One day Woo Kyung will notice the hottie in the corner watching out for her but until then we'll just have to let her weather her hopeless crush.
Oh I am 100% certain and have had suspicions since day 1 that hyun soo is gonna break off from the band. The dude has traitor written all over his face. I mean I dont know if he will stay broken away from them. If he's got a heart at all he'll go back cause he'll miss them terribly but its also possible he'll never go back. Which is kind of a sad case. to lose two members like that in such a short time. I can already see there's gonna be issues between Ha Jin and Hyun Soo over Ye Rim. and I have no doubt in my mind that Hyun Soo is gonna be a dick about Ji Hyuk seeing Su Ah. and then finally there's the ambition the kid harbors. he's willing to follow the stupid rules, speak up in the interview, and ditch woo kyung (later scolding her) all for his success. so i think the result is obvious at this point.
LOL you underestimate korea if you think anybody can get away with a bad boy brawly image. they dont fuck around lemme tell you XD although I confess I know less about korean rock bands. I would like to think they have a slightly less strict image tho.

Date: 2012-03-03 04:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I can't imagine anything breaking SA and JH long-term. They are too level-headed and content together.

WK better notice DI fast, for my sanity.

I agree, HS is going to break off. I don't know if I'll label him as a traitor. Sure, I'd want him to pick his friends over success, but I can't blame him too much for wanting to grab an opportunity to actually make something of himself (and while it would be a betrayal of their friendship, it's at least not sabotaging their career, because if they don't want one it's different). I do think he'll eventually come back because it seems his modus operandi - he doesn't unthinkingly do the 'one for all and all for one' stuff but he always does come around to that conclusion. I guess he'll need his solo time to realize it's not worth it out in the cold, all friendless and with people like Seung Hoon for company.

When I think rockers, I think drugs, questionable sexual encounters, and trashing hotel rooms. They'd have to have public sex with a pig or set themselves on fire for me to really be shocked or something. Clearly not the same in Korea.
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Date: 2012-03-02 06:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

Oh dear…you said against the wall!?! Did I not ever mention that is my crack (still can’t get YS to take KNN there yet)? I am all about angry guy taking this girl against a wall; she is just strait forward enough to try to keep her fear of him deep inside. Ugh…now I want to watch to see if I can expand lol. Unfortunately for me this show is so tight, unfortunate for expanding not so much for storyline of course.

This episode was hilarious, and ICAM about Do il’s pretty. It was beyond hilarious when he was trying to smile and he was pretty even grimacing out an imperfect try. Pretty he is. Pretty and young lol I have to remind myself that he is too young to be coveted. ;) I wanna make him cry…bet he cries pretty too. Gah! Cut him see if he bleeds sugar or something. I think L is in there too. It is not possible to make him not look WAY pretty. I literally fell out laughing at JH sleeping then waking up to a new hairdo. He was not a happy rocker boy.

DI and WK need to find a quiet corner somewhere, come to terms with his perfect adoration of her, and then make lots and lots of little mob babies. That is all.

Date: 2012-03-03 04:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You can always do an AU or 'epilogue' type thing :)

LOL at 'bleed sugar' line,

And yes, WK is an utter idiot not to see that DI adores her and is a much better choice than JH because he actually knows her and she has fun times with him.

Date: 2012-03-03 05:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Haha, Weasley's lost brother!! Still cracking up about that. But yeah, they should seriously do something about his gingery curls - they don't really contribute much to his "playboy" look.

I kind of really liked Huyn Sun in 7th episode when he had that talk with his little sister...He is so hot and angry but very vulnerable. I've been a fan of that archetype since having a crush on Van from Escaflowne :)

But I think what he did to WK was terrible; she did not deserve it at all! Now, I'm kind of hating on him and wish he would do something nice to redeem himself.

Strangely I found Do Il the least attractive of the bunch when I started watching the drama. He is just so foreign looking amongst those Koreans...It was disorienting. But his personality is so great I'm starting to like him a lot and subsequently beginning to find him extremely attractive.

The main OTP of this drama is of course amazing but I also appreciate how compelling all the side relationships are. I can't wait to see what happens with WK and Do Il and also the angry puppy (which shall be his nickname from now on and forever) and that singer girl. But am I the only that thinks she's not that beautiful? She looks so normal...Her voice is pretty nice though.

Date: 2012-03-03 09:03 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
OMG, another Van fan! I adored the boy! Yes, episode 7 is why I can never dislike Hyun Soo, even if I do get exasperated with his choices/mode of communication sometimes (like the WK thing, though I judge him less harshly than you do because he didn't know it wasn't WK who called them and was just letting his temper get the better of him into the bargain). The kid really is so angry/icy to cover his desperate insecurity about his future and his place in the friendship group and well-being of his family.

DI looks a lot like Waffle Sunki so I was sold :P

Yes, I am surprised how organically all relationships, friendship and romance, work out - I don't know how they manage to fit them all in, but they do. I think Yerim is pretty, but not as pretty as either WK or SA. Her personality is amazing though and self-confidence makes her sexy.

Ha Jin's hair is normally horrific. He's a seriously good-looking guy with 'idol' hair but how he scores ladies with his normal hairdo is a mystery for the ages.


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